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What's up people? The name's James, but obviously "Jimmy" is another alias for me.
My blog is mainly focuses on Movies, Actors, Music, Gaming, Animation and other junk. Basically, a college dude's appreciation of pop culture.

Also I am a HUGE animal lover, so expect to see a lot of animals on this blog ^_^

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We first got a look at Tidus’s Story, now here’s a look at Yuna’s.

Here are the debut screenshots of the HD version of “Final Fantasy X-2”. As you can see, Square Enix is not taking the job of upgrading X/X-2 as a joke. The graphics & details are smoother and looks just as good as FFX.

While X-2 is a love or hate it game in the fanbase due to it’s “Happy-Go Lucky” storyline & J-Pop influences - It’s still one of Square’s best entries to date and has one of the best battle systems in the franchise.